“Hatten” refers to the process of “developing,” creating, improving, or expanding something. “Ki” is the universal energy or force that can be harnessed for healing and self-improvement. “Ki” also means a “tree.” Hattennoki, in Japanese, translates to a "tree of development."

Driven by brain science, child development, research in teaching, pedagogy, and andragogy, Hattennoki aims to spark and sustain engagement, build and nurture curiosity, resilience, creativity, joy, thought, humaneness, and discovery in teaching and learning. 

Hattennoki offers face-to-face as well as virtual training around the globe via programs, workshops, games, consultancy

Our programs in mathematics, language, and social-emotional learning offered to pre-schools, schools, colleges, corporates, professionals, educators, parents, teachers, and children are highly innovative, research-based, effective, and backed by evidences of effectiveness. When schools invest in enriching their learning programs beyond mere curriculum and textbooks, when educators actively engage in professional growth, and when parents become partners in the learning journey, children naturally harness their potential and reap the benefits in the form of enhanced engagement, motivation, persistence, and resilience. Similarly, when leaders prioritize investing in their workforce, they nurture human resources that add value and bring their best to their organization.

Hattennoki is the brainchild of Jaspreet Sethi