"Jaspreet was introduced to me through a very good friend. She is that teacher who loves teaching and teach children to love learning. Am really awed by her patience in teaching the little ones whose attention span is less than 10mins. Jaspreet showed my little girl what she is capable of and we are ever grateful to you for that. Her innovation in teaching math and applying it in day to day life makes it experiential and the kid is never bored of doing it again and again. Sincere thanks for all her hard work & dedication!"

Seetha Lakshmi PR


"Ever thought of math with a smile? I could have never, for back in my school days, math was always with tears...

Jaspreet walked into my daughter's life...our lives...a few years ago with her charming smile and her extraordinary math skills, and she changed the 'concept' of math forever. 

When I see my daughter tackle math problems with ease (and with a smile), when I see her go for her math lessons all confident (and with a smile), when I see her attempting math assessments fearlessly (and with a smile), and when she walks up to us, beaming, with her math results, I am nothing but extremely grateful to Jaspreet.

Jaspreet's love for math, her dedication towards the subject, and the time and care she devotes to each one of her students are remarkable.

As her ex-colleague, I have seen how Jaspreet teaches students to 'like' math, for when they like math, they enjoy it, and then it's incredible to see how they work together to bring in excellent results.

As the mother of her student, what more can I ask for than the fact that my daughter learnt to like math, and continues to like it, just because of her?

Jaspreet is the only math teacher I have met who propagates math 'with a smile', and ensures it too.

Thank you, Jaspreet, for being there for my daughter."

Rajasree Parthasarathy

(Parent and Teacher)

"Ms. Jaspreet is easily one of the best Math teachers I have been taught by. Her technique of teaching is extremely unique as she interweaves detailed lessons with hands on learning experiences and activities, making her classes very memorable. Miss J’s teaching transcends just plain mathematical calculations, to real world relations and deeper conceptual understanding. She helped me set up a strong foundation in the fundamentals of Math in my middle school years, which is helping me glide through high-school with ease, with a smile."

Vani Bansal


"I first met Jaspreet when she was a young, bright-eyed graduate student in the math education program at Teachers College, Columbia University. When she entered my class at The School at Columbia as a student teacher we instantly connected. She was smart and we shared the same values; to always err on the side of students and to humanize mathematics by presenting conceptual and procedural skills in engaging, child-centered routines that privileged student choice and student voice. After Jaspreet left my classroom, we remained in touch. I wasn’t surprised when Jaspreet got her first job at an Upper East Side prep school in New York. Nor was I surprised at how quickly she became the math department chair at her new job. I knew that she demonstrated immense promise as a math educator, and her skill differentiating curriculum for students was outstanding. In fact, she has never wavered from her belief in empowering students to problem solve and mathematize, and it is these characteristics that distinguish Jaspreet as a mathematics teacher, thought leader, and educational consultant."

Sabrina Rainford Goldberg Ed.D.

(Middle School Math Educator and Education Consultant)

"Jaspreet is a rare gem whose ability, focus and passion for teaching math and through math teaching and helping students and teachers achieve clarity, sharpness, goal orientation is incredible. May many, many teachers and students get an opportunity to learn from her at least once."

Radha Swaminathan

(Parent and Education Coach)

"Jaspreet was able to connect instantly with my pandemic online school-hating, Math-hesitant child.  She has a wonderful manner with kids, keen insight into exactly what they need and is forthcoming enough with her wealth of knowledge and resources to reassure / empower any parent however Math-hesitant they themselves may be. I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to help their kids develop a love for (or at least a lack of fear of) Math."

Mallika Sasikumar


"I am writing to highly recommend Ms. Jaspreet as a fantastic math teacher. I’ve had the pleasure and joy of working along her in Trio World Academy. She is organised, practical, and a driven teacher that inspires her students and supports their goals each day. She was my son’s math teacher in grade 7 and has also taught him high school math which helped him in gaining confidence to adjust with the math curriculum in Dublin, Ireland. Jaspreet  has developed an excellent rapport with my son as he always feels free in contacting her to discuss and understand math. I loved her ability to communicate positively with students and her talent of making even math so enjoyable and understandable, something which  reflected in the high grades of my son. Jaspreet’s commitment to innovation and thinking outside the box, combined with her positive attitude, makes her a brilliant teacher of mathematics."

Nitu Arora

(Parent and Teacher)

"Jaspreet has a deeply cultivated or intuitive ability to observe people/students with a warm heart, and with keen sharp eyes to see what is going on within someone's mind. Utilizing these assets, she taught mathematics to all kinds of leveled students. Sometimes she was making devices to show her students, other times she was helping her students sitting together on the floor of the corridor. Her strong and convincing voice echoed on the corridor even she was trying to whisper. Very inventive and flexible to escort her students to follow math principles and to solve questions and problems. She was highly respected and loved by all the students and all the members of our school."

Kaoru Jankov


"Math with a Smile aptly describes what Jaspreet has to offer and makes you curious to find out how this difficult subject can be made interesting! Teaching math never sounded so easy and fun till I attended her presentation Math for Littles. The ideas were umpteen and the material used were things we have easy access to. She embellishes the basic concepts with simple situations in our daily life, for the child to learn effortlessly. Proud to know you Jaspreet and will continue learning from you, as you have so much to offer!"

Poonam Sethi


"I have been with Jaspreet for a few years now and am Extremely grateful to Her for making Math not only enjoyable for my child but also understanding individual needs. Heartily recommend this wonderful teacher to all that will cross her path. A good teacher is a rare find and one that can come down to the child’s level and then ignite the students interest is just amazing!! The student would be most fortunate to find Jaspreet."

Kainaaz Ranji-bavaadam


"We feel blessed to have found Jaspreet!  Her deep understanding and love for math is clearly reflected in her teaching techniques and classes. Ever since our son started class with her, his math skills have improved by leaps and bounds, and even better, his love for and interest in the subject have also grown significantly. I can wholeheartedly recommend her."

Kay Ch'ien


"My daughter is just loving your class. Maths is no more a scare for her. In fact she looks forward to the lessons. You’re a fabulous teacher and a wonderful guide to my daughter. Thank you for making maths enjoyable."

Jyoti Khanna


"Jaspreet is such a great teacher. She is so patient, and knowledgeable. We loved the way you challenged our daughter."

Adriana Zegarra


"Hello Jas..U r one of the most wonderful teachers I have met in my life. U put in so much effort in every session. Every sentence you say is so well thought of. There is a lot of practicality in what u say, do and teach. I admire ur patience and ur passion for ur work. U do so much homework for our child. I feel I got exactly what I needed by connecting with u. We r really blessed to have a teacher like u in our lives. It's always painful to say bye to u after each session. I feel I can endlessly listen to u. U r that knowledgeable and d way u present it is very appealing. Hats off to ur work. May u bring out d best in many more children. All the very best and good luck for all ur future endeavors."

Varna Gokul