Workshops and PROGRAMS

Workshops are curated for schools and institutions throughout the year to enhance the learning environment, foster synergy and collaboration among different working groups, embed technology, professional development, and strong work ethics across the school's culture and spirit. 

Topics include but are not limited to:

Student Engagement


Project-Based Learning

Preventing Teacher Attrition

Nurturing 21st Century Skills

STEAM Integration

Designing a Work Culture of Growth

Digital Literacy and Citizenship

Social-Emotional Learning


Academic Support for all types of Learners

Effective Leadership

Parent Communication

Mind and Body Development in Children

Early Childhood Development 

Life Skills

Workshops are created and presented face-to-face and online for teachers and educators on topics consisting of but not limited to engaging all learners, teaching and connecting effectively, managing classroom proficiently, planning instruction and designing curriculum to reach all learners,  embedding critical thinking, reasoning, and deep comprehension in learning experiences, and promoting a love for mathematics and literacy. 

Topics include but are not limited to:

Classroom Management and Routines

Technology Integration

Enriching Lesson Planning

Differentiated Learning

Student-centered Activities for Building Cooperative Relationships and Engagement 

Group Work

Collaboration and Multi-Disciplinary Learning

Curriculum Design

Content Mastery

Effective Communication

Personalized Report-Writing

Metacognition and Brain Science

Learning and the Brain

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Questioning Techniques

Data Handling


Workshops are designed for students and learners on various topics such as absorbing 21st century skills, a growth-mindset, improving skills and concepts in K-12 mathematics,  developing effective study and life skills, and remaining learners for life. 

Topics include but are not limited to: 

Becoming Better Learners


Critical Reasoning


Topics in Math

Topics in Reading

Entrepreneurial Skills

Make a Change in your World




Social-Emotional Intelligence

Making the most of your Education 

Making the most of your Education Abroad

Peer Pressure Coping Strategies

Test-Taking Strategies

Time Management

Leadership Training


Building Confidence 

Effective Communication

Digital Literacy

Financial Literacy

Design Thinking 

Workshops are designed for parents and families - of littles, of primary, middle school, and high school students, for homeschooling parents, and for all those seeking tools, strategies, and resources to nurture study and life skills and promote holistic child development. 

Topics include but are not limited to: 

Making Learning Experiences Meaningful

Early Childhood Development

Early Math Development

Early Language Development

Mind and Body Development in Children




Scheduling and Routines


Creativity and Innovation

Listening Skills

Social-Emotional Skills

Logical Skills

Spatial Reasoning

Critical Thinking






Calming Strategies

Study Skills