We question, we problem-solve, we observe patterns, we analyze, we reason, we challenge ourselves, we discuss strategies, we grow our love for math and reading via multiple strategies, stories, games, manipulatives, one child at a time. 

Quick fixes are not our SOP. With humaneness, consistency, and exercises in building resilience, children at Hattennoki demonstrate success with renewed perception and diminishing math/reading anxiety, a budding love for math/reading, and the comfort to actively participate in and process their Mathematics and Language classes at school and beyond. 

Over time, Hattennoki classes help improve confidence in skill and conceptual understanding and retention due to the format of the engaging lessons rich in context, application, manipulatives, and tools. With patience and dedication, your child(ren) will build fluency in number sense, reading comprehension, word problems, critical thinking, logical reasoning, a growth-mindset, and learning skills that will last them a lifetime.