Education is accumulated wealth for designing and providing access to a better life. Growing up amid a teacher-mother and an architect-father, I observed this firsthand. 

Math was also supposed to come naturally to me; but, it didn’t. It required hard work. Because back then, a set of numbers had to be plugged into prescribed rules that needed to be memorized. Questioning why was out of question.

It is while studying economics and finance years later that I truly comprehended the significance of mathematics and rationale for mathematics teaching. 

It is also when I studied geometry, number theory, and calculus at Teacher’s College, Columbia University, where I was encouraged to ask why, that I truly felt invigorated to pursue math teaching as a career.

When I became a teacher, I grew a little more to discern the miscellaneous variables influencing educational outcomes. 

While reflecting on teaching effectiveness gave me goals to improve my delivery, it was professional development that gave me tools, resources, and strategies to maximize teaching potential and minimize the unfruitful effects of those variables.

After being promoted to department chair, I began to appreciate the priceless contributions of a team sharing common goals and interests to build and enhance a unit, working together to change the status quo and make math accessible to all. 

Becoming a parent taught me that nurturing childhood with love, care, and mindfulness is paramount in developing positive personal and professional relationships years later. 

The pandemic led me into homeschooling my child when I learned the pivotal role of language and comprehension in learning. 

Somewhere down these magnificent eighteen years of teaching and learning, I have realised that there are several factors that go into the processing, retention, performance, and application of learning. 

After quitting classroom teaching of mathematics, I have focused on several aspects of teaching:

I have traveled far and wide. 

I am Jaspreet Sethi, a mom, a math and language enthusiast, educator, and educational consultant. Drawing upon training and experience, as well as current research in the field of education, I provide effective, evidence-based solutions for all my stakeholders.

I believe in building learner communities experiencing the joys of learning by creating and delivering thoughtfully-planned, engaging lessons to all ages across the globe. I am well versed with early childhood, K-12 mathematics and reading, various curricula worldwide including Cambridge, Common Core, CBSE, IB, ICSE, IGCSE, MYP, PYP, and more and keep growing by learning about how instruction is delivered around the world and how effective teaching develops a growth-mindset and penchant for learning for life. 

When I am not working, I am reading, writing, crafting, building, or playing with our child - our biggest joy and inspiration. I have a loving engineer husband who is the driving force and CPU behind all my endeavors.



Founder | Educational Consultant | Teacher Trainer | Workshop Facilitator | STEAM for Littles Club | Math Educator | Reading & Comprehension Coach | Early Childhood Development Coach | Guest Speaker

Trio World Academy, Bengaluru, Karnataka

High School Mathematics Teacher

Middle School Mathematics Teacher 

Homeroom Teacher

The Birch Wathen Lenox School, New York, New York

Mathematics Department Chair MS 

Upper School Mathematics Teacher 

Middle School Mathematics Teacher

Ace Computer Training Center, Forest Hills, New York

Business Education Coordinator

The School at Columbia University, New York, New York

Middle School Mathematics Pre-Service Teacher

New Design High School, New York, New York

High School Mathematics Pre-Service Teacher 


Teachers College, Columbia University, New York

Master of Arts in Mathematics Education

Berkeley College, New York

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Berkeley College, New York

Student of the Year 2010

Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society

Courses and Certifications

LETRS® For Early Childhood Educators

IIT Language and Mind

IIT Basics of Language Science

IIT Applied Linguistics 

Independent School Leadership Program at Vanderbilt University – Summer Fellow

Apple Educator

NY State Middle School Mathematics Teacher License